If you want more Resident Evil remakes, Capcom has good news

More Resident Evil remakes are almost certainly on their way, so if you liked RE2, the remake of RE3, and this year’s Resident Evil 4, get hyped – Capcom seems to be cooking something, and it wants to know which RE games you’d like to see next. A new survey from the horror game creatorasks players precisely which Resident Evil game, or games, they want to see remade. Naturally, if we’re going in order of the big, mainline entries, we’d expect RE5. But we also like the idea of a Code Veronica remake, and perhaps this is the right time to revive Resident Evil Outbreak.

The Capcom survey is pretty long and it’s mainly focused on how you interact with the wider Resident Evil universe. It wants to know which of the films you’ve seen, which social channels you follow,whether you watched the Netflix series. It even asks if you’ve read the novels – I’m suddenly yanked back to simpler, more innocent times when I thought S.D. Perry’s ‘Nemesis’ was the greatest book in the world.

Hidden at the very end of the survey however is a very telling, very exciting question: “Let us know if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade.” There’s no limit to how many titles you can enter, so if you fancy a Code Veronica remake, and an Outbreakremake, and an RE5 remake, and even, for some bizarre reason, an Umbrella Corps remake, well have at it.

Resident Evil remakes survey: An image from a Capcom survey asking players which Resident Evil games they would like to see remade

Personally, I’d go for Code Veronica. Excluding RE0 and the multiplayer-focused Outbreak series, CV is the last of the classic, fixed-camera Resident Evils to be remade.

Rockfort Island is a fantastic setting, Alfred Ashford is perhaps the best villain RE has ever produced, and I’d love to see whatthey did with Steve Burnside – as someone who’s actually always kind of liked Steve, despite his less-than-stellar reputation among the RE community, I’d like to have him back. You can fill out the Capcom survey for yourself here.

In other Resident Evil news, it seems like Welcome to Raccoon City, the, ahem, best RE film, isgetting a sequel. Combined with the launch of Street Fighter 6, Capcom certainly seems busy right now.

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