Lego Mini-Figure Seemingly Confirms 2K Sports Football Game

A Lego mini figure in 2K-branded packaging has been spotted, seemingly corroborating VGC’s exclusive report from before this year.

In Feb we reported that Lego is partnering amongst 2K for a new line of Lego sports games, starting alongside a football/soccer game developed past Sumo Digital.

Now a novel minifigure spotted on Lego’sec certification page past 1414falconfan appears to indicate that the game is indeed however inward the plant.

The packaging shows the grapheme, named Finnius Dash, standing on a football game pitch wearing a imperial shark caput mask in addition to what appears to be a Barcelona shirt.

Crucially, the packaging likewise says Lego Games at the acme in addition to features the 2K logo inward the bottom corner, suggesting a game connexion.

Since Finnius Dash is not a known graphic symbol in whatsoever existing 2K game, he will probable look inward the 2K Lego football game game VGC reported on earlier this yr.

The figure may not necessarily suggest that the game volition have an accompanying toy occupation – it may live a promotional figure made to be given away at events (mayhap even The Game Awards) rather than something designed to live sold to the world.

In Feb nosotros solely reported that 2K had signed a novel multi-game partnership alongside Lego, according to sources with cognition of its plans.

Lego Mini

The Sumo Digital developed football game volition live followed by an open-globe Lego racing game currently inwards evolution at WWE 2K22 studio Visual Concepts, nosotros were told.

This is the same championship mentioned in chore listings at the starting time of 2022 as an “open up world driving game amongst a major license”.

At the fourth dimension we were told that the football game game would live releasing inwards late 2022 to coincide alongside the FIFA World Cup, followed past the racing game inward 2023.

A 3rd Lego sports championship is likewise inwards development, based on a major sports franchise, sources said.

Neither 2K nor Sumo Digital responded to requests for comment ahead of our master copy storey inward February, as well as a spokesperson for Lego told VGC: “We make non comment on speculation near future products or partnerships.”

The 2K deal represents a novel era for Lego games following a previous exclusivity deal with Warner’second TT Games. Since 2005, Lego’second console games based on licensed properties such every bit Star Wars, Marvel as well as Harry Potter, have most all been developed past the UK studio.

TT Games also worked on master copy Lego games such as Lego City Undercover, Bionicle Heroes too the toys-to-life title Lego Dimensions, and had the power to veto deals alongside other game developers proposing console titles, according to people with knowledge of its organization.

However, sources told VGC before this year that Lego did non think to extend the price of its exclusivity deal amongst TT Games, thus the 2K deal.

This doesn’t mean TT volition no longer live making Lego games at all – indeed, chore listings spotted earlier this yr showed that Warner was hiring for novel staff to function on “an exciting novel Lego game based on a major IP”.

Its determination not to extend its exclusivity understanding amongst Warner is idea to accept been partly influenced past decreasing sales of its Lego titles, equally younger audiences flock to social games such equally Roblox and Fortnite.

In recent years Lego besides switched its motion-picture show bargain from Warner to Universal, removing more or less synergy between the ii companies, though it continues to license many of Warner’second properties including DC together with Harry Potter.

Lego Mini Figure

Lego is one of the most popular toy brands in the world, known for its building blocks and mini-figures. Recently, fans of the brand were surprised to discover that one of the new mini-figures seemingly confirms the existence of a new 2K Sports football game.

The mini-figure in question is that of a football player, complete with a uniform, helmet, and a football. While it may seem like a small detail, the inclusion of this figure has sparked excitement among fans of both Lego and football games.

2K Sports is a video game publisher known for its sports games, including the popular NBA 2K series. The company has not yet announced any plans for a football game, but the inclusion of the football player mini-figure has led many to believe that such a game is in development.

The Lego mini-figure is not an official confirmation of a 2K Sports football game, but it is certainly a strong indication that one is in the works. The toy is a part of a new Lego set that is set to be released soon, so fans will have to wait and see if the game is announced.

The idea of a 2K Sports football game is exciting for fans of both football and video games. The company has a solid track record of creating high-quality sports games, and a football game would likely be well-received by fans. However, until an official announcement is made, it remains to be seen what features and gameplay elements the game will include.

This news about a Lego mini-figure that could be a hint for a 2K Sports football game is intriguing and we will have to wait and see if it will turn out to be true. Until then, fans of both Lego and football games will be keeping their eyes peeled for any official announcements from 2K Sports.

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