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Puzzle Games – 10 of the best puzzle games for phones and tablets Sam Moore, October 10, 2015, 9:28 am Challenge your brain with our guide to the best puzzle games Are you a genius? Want to finish a meal? Do you want to find your way out of the corn maze? If you are, congratulations: you’re in love.

But which, among the hundreds and hundreds in various app stores, are the best puzzle games available for download on your phone and tablet?

Sure, it’s a hot question, but we at TechWeekEurope love scratching our heads over the latest puzzle-app developments, so trust us and tell us. We have better than equal when it comes to finding the cream of the crop.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

With that said, here’s our guide to the 10 best puzzle games for smartphones and tablets.

The 5 Best Free Puzzle Games For Android In 2022

Jigsaws: a thing of the past, right? Remembering the long Sunday evenings with many Grandmothers preparing a 1000-part picture of a rural scene; The minute hand on the beautiful clock on the wall seemed to belie his limp appearance.

BAD. Jigsaws are great in 2015, especially when they’re virtual and interactive with the Jigsaw Puzzle app from Critical Hit.

With over 8,000 puzzles to choose from – and the ability to create puzzles from photos in your phone’s camera there are more puzzles: all photos are cropped, so no two are wrong like. If you want to test your skills (why wouldn’t you?), you can switch to the ‘Puzzle Rotation’ mode, which …

You won’t find Waldo here – Wally, his first and better name, has scattered himself and his irrepressible siblings to every colorful world you can find.

It reads: “We need your help, tourist! A terrible storm will hit the lands. You must find Wally and all the secrets scattered by the storm before they are lost forever in the ocean.

Will you take hugs and help Wally when he’s sick? Or you can, with childhood memories recalling his name as you carefully look around the corner for that foolish young man, decide not to help our famous hero when he is sick. ? With this puzzle game, the choice is yours.

Given a simple 10×10 grid, the goal of this puzzle game is to fill the vertical and horizontal rows of the box with different shapes and colors, Tetris (more on that later later), to be effective. keep it thick.

Fill the grid and you will lose. Unlike its close relative, the 1010. There is no time limit, so you can spend as much time as you want exploring this simple but powerful game.

“Who doesn’t like puzzles?” ask to read about Flow Free, it’s #1 on the Play Store game chart – and who really hates puzzles? With 150 levels and 1500 puzzles, all you have to do here is to “connect the same colors with the pipes to make a Run.

Connect all the colors and cover the entire board to solve all the puzzles in Flow Free. It’s easy. , really. It’s addictive, even if you have to race against the clock. But remember: “pipes break if they cross or twist!” You’ve been taught.

Best Puzzle Games For Kids

Yes, can you? This popular puzzle series from MobiGrow puts you in a virtual room where you have to find clues to open the door to freedom.

Happy, right? Maybe for another fun you can lock yourself in a room and you play this game on your phone, so your brain needs to work more time to escape the virtual rooms and real rooms you’ll be stuck in.

The second entry on our all-time title list was 2048 last year. Created by 19 year old web developer Gabriele Cirulli in March 2014, it has received many updates from application developers since its first (and very successful) release.

The idea, for those who don’t know: swipe on the wall to move the tiles – two walls with the same number will merge into one. When 2048 tiles are created, you win! And why do you win? Hello, welcome back to the year 2048. Hello!

For space-saving, single-domain applications, Trid is up there with the best – or in the puzzle world, anyway. This Dutch game invites you to have fun around the wall with features; The game will show you a pattern that you need to memorize and quickly apply to the wall.

It’s a fast-paced game, so the characters come and go quickly – but no matter what, when you finish, you’ll add a little time to your total. But time is up, you’re done! Well, not at all.

Puzzle Games

Just two points, you say? Why not three? or 64? Who knows. However, Two Dots is an interesting and good puzzle game, the sequel to the successful Dots.

Therefore, the goal of the game is to guide “two brave characters as they cross the arctic tundra, navigate burning forests and explore the depths of the ocean”.

No, very much. It’s a lot of fun, with 435 levels to manage and connect your two brave Dots to “lower anchors, build lines, build bugs, put out fires, and more.” Yes!

Why You Should Play Puzzle Games. Puzzle Games Are Great. Most Phones Can…

The O.G. Among puzzle games, Tetris is known worldwide as one of the greatest brain teasers known to man. First released in 1984 – back when you were dancing to electronic pop like a robot, no doubt – it’s a hit today, so it’s no surprise that EA dug their claws into it.

There are free and paid versions, the former is better because, it is free. There are “new ways to play”, such as the One-Touch version in the traditional ‘Marathon’ style, and the stratospheric-sounding ‘Tetris Galaxy’ mode “where you dig for the theme of the galaxy by use as few Tetriminos as possible.

” It was the only thing that Alexey Pajitnov thought of when he made the game, no doubt. Our latest entry is this offering from Mobigame, the team behind the multi-award winning games EDGE and Perfect Cell.

Their latest game requires the player to “connect solid pieces in a giant tangram puzzle” over 840 levels, a very difficult task.

But when you’re into music, it’s a great way to while away the hours, with bonus points awarded for success and, as the bio says, “free practice … your thoughts and skills ” to solve the puzzle. good.

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Most phones can install as many puzzle games as you have at your disposal in a few seconds. Depending on the game you’re playing, there are many benefits that can relieve boredom, stimulate your brain and help you bond with your friends. We humans love to solve problems; Puzzle games give you that power.

What is a puzzle game? Good question. It’s a game about solving problems. These puzzles usually follow a set rule and become more difficult due to difficulty or time.

Video game versions of puzzle games have evolved from analog games of solitaire, mahjong and other similar games that we humans have been playing for centuries.

Puzzle Game Vector Art, Icons, And Graphics For Free Download

The harder you do something, the better you do at it. Playing puzzle games is like thinking, so it’s a good idea. You can focus differently when playing puzzle games, because they are a form of exercise, and you use different parts of your brain in different ways.

The more you play puzzles, the better your mind will be. Think about everything you can and try to think positively. Puzzle games can be played on mobile or with various mobile apps that you can play anywhere.

I love gaming, I share my experiences through writing on this blog. You know you are a true gamer when in the middle of an intense game session, your mind is so engrossed with gameplay that it's been hard to do anything else.. Until now! 😀😂"I Love Gaming".
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