Ready your Stardew Valley scythes, an upgrade is finally coming

One of my favorite farming games ever is receiving an update sometime soon, and it may just be the one that brings the Iridium Scythe from modding communities to reality in Stardew Valley. While every other tool in the game has had each upgrade available, from Copper to Iridium, the Scythe has sadly been the odd one out with its fully upgraded versionbeing only the Golden Scythe. ConcernedApe seems to have just hinted at a new Scythe upgrade in Stardew Valley, however, and all of us are going wild.

All it took from the developer were his two simple words: “Iridium Scythe.” With them, the Stardew Valley community went wild, expecting to see more information about a Scythe upgrade in the coming days. ConcernedApe has previously Tweeted that he ispausing work on his upcoming game, Haunted Chocolatier, so as to continue developing a new Stardew Valley update.

Players are now speculating that the Iridium Scythe reference has to do with that update. Considering the timing, I would have to agree. Unfortunately, ConcernedApe has not specified when the upcoming patch for Stardew Valley will come. Regardless of the purple tool’s estimated time ofarrival, it is safe to say that we all cannot wait to finally get our pixel-y hands on it.

Iridium Scythe in Stardew Valley

For once, I will be able to look down at my inventory bar in Stardew Valley and feel happyknowing that each tool is a nice, shiny purple. No longer will I have one random yellow outlier. I am curious to know how the Iridium Scythe’s delivery may work, though. The Golden Scythe is a bit of a weird one itself compared to the other Golden tools as you can find it while mining rather than upgrading it directly at Clint’s shop.

Maybe the Iridium Scythe will be found similarly, in a mine or elsewhere. Or, ConcernedApe could break out of the Scythe mold and make the fullyupgraded version just like the other tools’ where you have to go to the blacksmith with the proper materials and wait. Either way, I think I can speak for the entire fandom when I say we are excited to use the Scythe and see what changes it brings. Bigger radius, more hay, possibly better crops? Yes, please.

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