Is Xbox Series X Worth Buying?

Xbox Series X – Introducing Xbox Series X, our fastest, most powerful console, designed for the next generation of consoles with you, the player, at the center.

Includes Xbox Series X console, optional add-on controller, and the option to add a complete and 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to Xbox. Limit 1 console per customer.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Our fastest, most powerful console ever built for a console generation with you, the player, at its center.

Spesifikasi Xbox Series X • Jagat Play

Explore new rich worlds and enjoy unprecedented action with unprecedented 12 teraflops of raw graphics processing power.

At the heart of the Series X is the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which combines a custom SSD with built-in software for fast, streamlined gaming with significantly shorter load times. Experience more, more vivid things than the world has ever seen before.

With Fast Resume — a new feature powered by Xbox’s latest Speed ​​Architecture and technical capabilities — you can teleport between four different titles and instantly pick up where you left off. before.

Play on four Xbox generations, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox titles with backward compatibility. With the power and speed of Xbox Series X, many of these games will look better and play better.

Xbox Series X Teardown

The decoupled motherboard keeps the inside of the panel at uniform temperature control, allowing for more power output.

DirectX ray tracing delivers immersive  and immersive worlds full of lifelike lights, shadows, reflections, and sound.

This unique, non-electronic component combines parallel cooling with an innovative design to enhance the reliability and performance of Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Download and play over 100 high-quality games, including all new Xbox Game Studio titles the day they’re released, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Review

Plug in a dedicated expansion port on the back of the console and mimic the console’s custom SSD experience, providing more game storage.

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[2] Compatibility depends on device and operating system version. Experiences may vary. Visit for more information. The offering and sale of Xbox Series X is subject to regulatory approval in your jurisdiction.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X Console

Expanded storage: Seagate 1TB expansion card support for Xbox Series X | S is compatible with internal memory (sold separately). USB 3.1 external hard drive support (sold separately) Xbox Series X review: A 4K gaming beast It’s basically a quiet gaming PC in your living room.

Xbox Series X is an apology for Xbox One in every way. Microsoft’s final console was $100 heavier than the PlayStation 4 at launch even though it had less GPU power and had an included Kinect camera that wasn’t very useful.

The company tried to fix the problem with the mid-gen consoles, Xbox One S and One X, but then the damage happened. So far this year, PS4 is estimated to have sold twice as many Xbox One consoles.

So with Series X, Microsoft is trying to do everything from scratch. It has its status

Xbox Series X

Console, with much higher performance than its predecessor, factory Xbox One X. This new machine can deliver more reliable 4K games, push up to 120fps and run games Play faster than ever.

The machine can load faster. It will even play all your old games with better performance and HDR! It’s as if Microsoft is just asking players to love it.

Choosing The Right Xbox: Series X Or Series S

And after playing the system for the past week, it’s definitely something hardcore gamers will appreciate. It offers most of what you want from a good gaming PC, except it comes in a convenient control box.

But do you need it right away? Since there aren’t many particularly big points, this is a more complicated question.

This seems to be the trend of this console generation. It measures 5.9 inches by 5.9 inches and is about a foot tall, giving it a nearly perfect rectangular profile.

It also weighs 9.8 pounds, heavier than the Xbox One X. We’re used to Microsoft’s current system being a bit boxy, but the series is more of a rotten computer case than you are.

Expect to find below. Your TV However, once I got over the initial shock of seeing it live, I warmed to it pretty quickly.

The Xbox Series X feels sturdy and solid – although not as thick as the One X. The case itself is made of thick plastic with a minimalist design.

Up front, there’s a disc slot, a single USB port, and a controller pairing button, while the small Xbox power button sits in the corner.

One thing you’ll definitely notice is the large exhaust fan at the top, with neon green accents and a bunch of perforations (a triptophobe’s nightmare) that come with some of the biggest electronics. that you used to admire.

You can orient the panel vertically – where it actually creates the PC tower vibration – or horizontally. I appreciate the small rubber feet on one side of the system, which make it clear that it’s meant for sitting in landscape mode on the floor.

(That might seem like an odd thing to call it now, but keep it in mind in our PlayStation 5 review.) The only downside to that placement is that the vertical circular kickstand gets stuck, as if the X series were a star. war

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

The Droid fell and couldn’t get up. In practice, it doesn’t bother me too much, but I’ve seen some people on Twitter able to delete it completely.

The Xbox Series X fits snugly in my entertainment system when tilted. (Probably because it’s so similar to Logitech’s large Hyperboom speaker, it seems like a good fit for my Pioneer center channel speakers at home.)

I just made sure to leave some room for the fan to let the hot air in. escape. The Series X doesn’t run out of heat like a gaming PC, but I bet it wouldn’t be happy in a self-contained entertainment center. You have to give all your new panels some breathing room, because they’re pushing a lot of pixels.

So the Series X just looks like a box. But inside it’s really fascinating. Xbox Series X features a custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU clocked at up to 3.8GHz and a powerful new 12-teraflop RDNA 2 GPU.

That’s impressive, but keep in mind it’s pretty much the same hardware inside the PS5. The difference is that the Microsoft console has a larger GPU to pull a few more TFLOPs in terms of performance.

While both offer 16GB of faster GDDR6 RAM, Microsoft offers faster bandwidth than PS5 for that 10GB of memory. Meanwhile, the remaining 6GB runs slower than the Sony console.

Xbox Series X

The Series X also features a speedy 1TB NVMe SSD, light years faster than the slow mechanical drives in previous Xbox consoles.

If you’ve moved from a laptop with a traditional hard drive to an SSD, that’s also a huge leap. Xbox Series X is capable of transferring large data files very quickly and with low latency, which is important for demanding high-resolution 4K gaming.

You can also expand the system’s memory with Seagate’s $220 1TB expansion drive, which fits into the rear slot on the console. That drive might seem expensive these days, but it’s not too far off from a high-end NVMe SSD for PCs, and it should deliver the same speeds as an internal SSD.

Xbox Series X Review: A Tower Of Power

Alternatively, you can use a standard USB 3.1 external hard drive for “cold storage” of Series X games, though you’ll have to move them to an internal SSD or a Seagate expansion drive to play them. Meanwhile, older backward compatible games can be played correctly from a USB drive, although loading times will suffer.

While it is clear that Microsoft has put a lot of thought into the overall design of the Series X, the new controller is only slightly different than before.

There’s a circular directional pad for peace of mind, a share button clamped under the two center buttons, and some hard bumps along the underside of the grip to aid grip.

It runs on two AA batteries, as usual, and charges as long as current Xbox gamepads, lasting up to three days with regular use.

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